Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

 This weekend on Friday... I attended an Art exhibit. It was pretty interesting to see all the water colored portraits and the different culture that was depicted from the portraits.

I also stopped by Human Resource to get my TB test turned it. It was so exciting to know I would start Monday.I will have a post about my first day, possibly Saturday, I know it's so late, but I really dont have a ton of time, and by 9pm I am so beat.

I read my book that is assigned from a class and found it really interesting, its about Magical powers so it's right up my alley. I love those type of books. I dont know if you all knew but at walgreen they had water bottle 24pack for 1.99. The limit was 3 per person. I only got one pack but it felt nice to not spend a huge load on water.

That night we spend some time and with family at Indian lake. My uncle has a trailor out there and they had a cook our and few cold drinks. We met some neighbors of some of our cousins. They were pretty nice and funny. Most of the guys were getting pretty tipsy and I, on the other hand, was falling asleep and cold as can be from being outside. It was suck a great night with family. Lots and lots of laughing. Please not I was so tired and sleepy on this picture.

On Satuday, after I came home from class we spent the day shopping:) I need some teacher clothes to start me off:) We went to JCPenny,Hobby Lobby and Dollar tree. At the Dollar Tree, we found this firefighter hat and well, she just had to try it on:) I finally made my awesome wreath. I had been wanting to make one for months but never had time to do it. Saturday is the only time I ever have time to do fun things. Every other day is my do school work day. My husband also brought me some white roses.

That was our Weekend I hope you had a great one too:)


Rebekah said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love how your wreath turned out! And beautiful roses!

Sar said...

That wreath is gorgeous! I love it. It's classy and simple without being too formal! Looks great.

Also, your husband sounds like a sweetheart with the roses!

Thanks for linking up!


Katie said...

Hobby Lobby! My. Favorite. Store. Seriously. I have to limit the amount of times that I go there because I will spend ALL of my money! :) Happy fall!

Syndal said...

what a nice weekend! hope you got some good rest!