Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life lately....

had been extremely stressful. I am so tired most of the time and seem to be dead tired by 9 pm. Anyways back to happy times:)

I have officially started my observation on Monday! Im not sure about how my teacher feels towards me but I think I make her uncomfortable. I think she feels like Im judging her. Im sure she has done observing before so I dont understand why she feel uncomfortable. I think we just got off on the wrong foot. I like my classroom, don't get me wrong, and I really like the teacher, but the connection with me and her, is missing something. There is a reason though that they put me with her. I hope we get better.

I think I mentioned last week my husband has started shift. The shifts are ok, Im not alone as much as I thought I would be. Its a good schedule.Megan on the other hand, is not taking his schedule well. She asks me "when is daddy coming home?". I thought I would not hear those words again after the military.
We are constantly telling Megan when daddy will be back home. Who can blame her she loves her daddy very much.

Have you all all heard the new song from Taylor swift? People are thinking it's about the Kennedy boy. I honestly have no clue who she is talking about but it's still a cute song.
 I have also applied for Graduation. Yay!! I am not so happy though because after I turned in my graduation application they told me I needed a Spanish class, I just looked at her and said "nooooo....I would know if I am missing a class". She said that she was going to have to talk to my advisor but that these things happen all the time. Meaning that I took a class to substitute that class. I honestly don't know but I have to go and finalize things tomorrow morning.

So thats really all thats going on lately, sorry I dont have more but gosh honestly I feel like these weeks are flying by and I am just excited that I get a whole month off  In December and Im so ready to Bumm it:)

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