Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby planning

I know I said I would post it on Thursday but I guess I put the date wrong. Ooops

Jaime and I have always been a planner,well more me than him, but I would always come up with a plan and we would discuss it. Baby planning has been on my top priorities, we knew that after Megan is would be awhile till we had baby #2. Of course I would have baby fever like crazy and if you've been following me you would know I have it a lot.

I get baby fever but I never forget why we are waiting. We have been waiting to be financially ready and to achieve just a little more for ourselves. We are finally at a place where we can say wow things are going great.Jaime is doing great and we are just waiting for me to finish school.

I needed to feel an accomplishment for myself. I needed to find something I loved that was just for me. I needed a career. Most of the time I would tell myself I wanted to have a baby but when It came down to D-day, I was scared that my dreams would never come true. Well..I should not say never, but it would be that much harder to finish school. It all changed recently when I knew for sure I didn't want a baby anytime soon because I feel like I needed to accomplish this part of my life,but that didnt mean that I could not have a plan.

It was about 4 days ago when Jaime and I were discussing future plans. We do this a lot:) & somehow baby G was put in the picture. We didnt talk much about it so we dropped it. Then I was thinking in the car,like I always do, and I was thinking about a timeline of our possible future life.

I finish school May 2014, so it would make sense that we could start trying for a baby a little before. The only problem with that is that we have no clue where we will be in 2 years but I say there is never the right time to have a baby, but at least I will have accomplished my goals and ready for another baby. We could live in this town or we could move to another town near Corpus Christi but none the less in 2014 things are going to change and I may or may not have a baby in my belly.

I just told my family on Friday and they were excited. Its been 3 years since we've had Megan and I think they are excited to share the love to another little baby. It may be a long time from now but when you have been planning and planning and waiting and waiting,it's nice to finally put a date to extending our family. For us we had just been working hard and getting ready for the future and accomplishing our goals.

I know ya'll are thinking what if you have a surprise baby....well all I can say is I just have a year a half to finish school so I think it will be ok. I highly doubt it though, due to us being extremely careful and the last three years of no baby is proof of that.

 Thanks for reading:)


Faith said...

This is awesome news! Congrats! Very excited for you and your family!

Hilary Lane said...

Aww, yay! I know Josh and I will probably have that talk soon. It's such an exciting thing! :-)