Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Im loving Wednesday

Its already Wednesday which means, I will be going to class tonight. I am meeting a guy tonight to give him a Biology book. I just hope that I see when he messages me on Facebook because If I dont answer him, I will feel awful about it. It is so hot outside today I feel like if I cracked an egg outside I would for sure over cook it. All 5 of my classes have officially opened up and I am nervous. My math class is not too bad, I mean it's a little hard but nothing I cant handle. The only class Im really worried about is a class called Principles of Learning. I am feeling very bombarded with school work already. Not to mention I have not even started my Lab, where I am in the actually classroom with students.Lots of work to do:/Whew ok Happy thoughts!!:)

This Wednesday I am Loving my amazing Converse I bought for myself yesterday. They pretty much go with anything. They are my favorite type of shoes.
I am Loving the blouse I scored at Khols. It is a Lauren Conrad blouse. It was on clearance for $7.00,was marked down from $36.00. Im in need of some teacher clothes.

 I am Loving the teacher I had on Saturday morning,she looks so young to be a professor. From what she explained about the class we are about to have fun and work hard:)

I am Loving the new Pepsi Next. It does not taste like the original but it does not taste as disgusting as Pepsi diet.

I have been spending an insanely amount of time at the library do to a project I have yet to totally finish (and what I mean by totally, I mean revise). I stumbled upon this sad story about a little girls mother overseas. The illustrator had letters from the mother and the little girl. I was crying in the library and had to hold back my tears where there were people passing by my table.

I think that is all for now. Not much has been happening in the G Family,sorry I don't have much to write about this post. Don't forget to link up what your loving this Wednesday:)

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