Monday, March 18, 2013

The ending to our Spring Break.

This weekend was a little sad. It is finally the end to our Spring break. Yeah, I wish it had not ended. Why cant they give us two weeks. I think after two weeks I would really be missing school. Two weeks could really be helpful. Maybe one day they may extend it. I think the only thing I didn't do that I said that I wanted to do for this Spring Break was redesign my blog. I guess I am going to have to do it some other time. Im thinking something along the lines of yellow and chevrons. We will see. Im also thinking of another blog title. I probably should not, I mean I've had this one for a year.

On the day of my Birthday Jaime's dad gave Jaime 3 free tickets for the Livestock show. Honestly, I was intending on going this year. Its just a bunch of the same things every year. I think what I do enjoy however are the animals and their owners and of course all the people decked out in the country wear. However, Jaime and my family wanted to go, plus we were not going to let our free tickets go to waste.

We brought along my little sister. We did a little shopping and we saw some Judging of Heifers and we also saw a show of alligators. We didn't get to stay long because we had to pick up Megan. She didn't come along with us because we knew she would not have liked all the walking and she would have wanted to come home in 5 minutes. The alligator show was pretty neat, and very educational.

We at lunch at this little place. Oh.My.Lord do they have the best brisket sandwichs ever! I shared with Jaime because I was not that hungry so I just picked on his. The burger was huge so I know I would not have eaten everything, even though my head would have told me to eat it all.

We took a picture with some of the alligators at the show. The alligator to the right is an albino alligator, only a few 100 in the world. I thought it was so neat to see it and be able to touch it. We also bought some boots for Megan. She had been asking us for awhile for some cowgirl boots. Thankfully we found some pink ones for her. She has not taken them off since.

Saturday I spent the day making crafts. The morning started off on the wrong foot. We had spent some time with my family at their house and accidently forgot my keys over at their house. Of course I didn't realize my keys were lost till the next morning. I searched high and low for my keys. I could not find them anywhere. Plus none from my family was picking up their phone. So finally my dad calls and says that he was bringing over my keys. I was so relieved because I had to get to the bank before they closed, and I also wanted to go to Hobby Lobby for some crafts that I had planned to do. Which I will later reveal:)

Sunday was mostly spent at my moms house. They are building a private fence around their house so they asked us for help on it. We of course said yes, my dad is much older now and does not understand that he cant do all the things he used to do when he was younger. I think my favorite moment from Sunday was that my dad was pretty proud of me that I stuck by with him. The labor we did outside was hard work but I never left I stayed outside with my dad in the Texas hot sun till we finished. I also did a little work for my student that I am assessing.

Have a good Monday:)

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