Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books & Student Observations

Im happy to report I am finally finished with three mid-terms. This semester has not been the easiest, I would be lying if I said I was not burned out....and to make it worse it's just the middle of the semester. Im so exhausted. I just have to keep telling myself that It will all be worth it in the end. Everyone goes through what Im feeling, right? I have been doing my students observation for about 4 weeks already and I was in 1st grade orignially but the principal decided to move me to 4th grade. One of the student teachers wanted to get some experience in the 1st grade classroom. So they moved me. I was kind of relieved because I realized being in 1st grade might drive me Bonkers. Im not saying I dont like 1st grade, it was just how the teacher had her classroom. I have been in 4th grade for 2 weeks and I LOVE it. I think Im just going to be one of those teachers that likes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Never saw that coming. The teacher is nice but she is a little strict but Im having an amazing time learning from her. The students have been taking their state test so I have not been doing much for about 3 day now but when she does teach the class, its pretty amazing. Im a little jealous because it looks so natural to her. And, And... she is a Reading Teacher!!!!! She has, no kidding, a million books. When I saw her book collection I wanted to just dive in all the books.

I noticed that since I have been so busy, I have not had time to read, blog and so on. I wish I was like some of you ladies that did EVERYTHING. I feel like I never have time for things, especially Becky from From Mrs. to Mama, she does everything and she just had another baby. I applaud her, I just cant do it. I mean maybe I could do it If I knew how she did it:) So every night I read just a little bit, or just when I have a few minutes to spare. In my spare time I have read The Selection which is AMAZING!! I finished it in 3 days. Oh thats another reason I dont read as much. If the book is really really good. I cant put it down and I end of putting everything else on hold.EEK!!. The book Im currently reading is The Nanny diaries. I plan on watching the movie after I finish reading the book. So far its pretty good, and very dramatic.

Guess that is all for now, I have a few more things to blog about but that will have to wait for a later day.

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