Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Im loving on my Birthday:)

Well, the day is finally here. The day I turn 24, holy moly, I'm 24. Good god, I have a few more years till my 20's are gone, I hope they dont go too fast. Not sure what Jaime plans on doing today with me, Im just going to wait and see what he says.

I am loving the crafts Megan and I have been doing lately.

I am Loving that I have not done really much work on my Spring Break. I did do some work yesterday but I should probably do some more, just to get ahead of the class. It feels amazing to be this relaxed.

I am Loving that soon we will know who the mother of Ted's children are.
Who isnt ready to meet her?

I am Loving my new haircut. Unfortuantly, I dont have a picture of my hair on me right now. My husband took my phone with him somehwere. I was looking on Pinterst a couple of days ago and found a hair style I wanted. The lady who cut my hair, did amazing and it looked pretty much like the picture. I still have to color my hair but that will be till later.

What are you loving this Wednesday? Link up and play along.


Whitney said...

Happy Birthday!

agalandherdog said...

I can't wait for my daughter be old enough to do crafts! Happy birthday!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Happy Birthday! Yay for relaxing on spring break! I got a new haircut this weekend, too! A bit shorter than the pic!