Thursday, March 7, 2013

That's my husband....

Im sure I have mentioned that my husband can be a bit of a "butterfingers" person. Im not really sure If I would call the story Im about to tell you as being  "butterfingers", but I will let you all be the judge. This is going to be a post about my darling husband and his crazy ways.

About two weeks ago in the morning, my husband comes home looking a little blue. I asked him if he got my text message about something I cant remember right now but anyways.
 He says  "No, I didnt get it."
I say "What do you mean, where is your phone?"
He looks down with a sly smile.
He says "Um, I kind of drop it into the water tank from the fire truckk"

I thought he was joking but nope he wasn't. He dropped it into the tank. Apparently he had the phone in his breast pocket and it fell over when he went to check the water tank on the fire truck.So what do we do? We get a another phone, and mind you we just bought him a new one. Awesome.

The second thing that happened was that he forgot  another tax form that he forgot to send in. Lets make note, that we already sent our taxes in. To send in the paper along with our taxes is going to cost us money. Awesome! More money down the drain.

As we were leaving the income tax office, Im joking with Jaime and I tell him that I would not be surprised if he burned the house down. So no we are to hopefully the end to this crazy phase my husband is going through.

Last night, Jaime is outside and he doing unnecassary things to  the lawn. Im inside make some spaghetti, putting laundry away. Im about to do some work on the student that Im assessing and he comes into the room and he say "Uhh, yeah I burst a water pipe." Im over here thinking I hope you meant your car. Nope he meant from the house. Call me crazy but my husband is on a roll. Im a little afraid that something is going to happen to him because of his carelessness. I love him though, hes my favorite:)

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