Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap:Birthday Surprise Edition

Lets start off by saying that I had no clue that it was Spring Break here. No Clue. I Had been concentrating on my midterms that I just was not really focusing on that. I thought it was 2 weeks away. I had plans to do work all week long and finally have Spring Break off. I had to call my supervisor to ask her if it was actually Spring Break. I think she was a little taken aback that I actually asked her that. Every college student is suppose to know when it is Spring Break, right?
Friday,  Jaime and I paid a little visit to the Income tax office. Yeah,we owe money to the IRS which it does not feel awesome but eh its part of being an American citizen. We also did some shopping at Walmart, you know just the needs of home stuff. I called my dad to see if he was going to do a fish fry after all and he said yes, so we also bought some stuff to eat. We had a ton of fish. Megan was striking poses with my clothes Girlfriend, is in LOVE with those boots. She will wear them with everything.

Saturday, I had a midterm. I think I did ok. I know I didn't fail, but I dont know how good I did. After I finished my midterm. I had to do some grocery shopping, because we had zero food at home. My mom and I also did a little shopping. Mostly Easter decorations and some clothing. I also came across this cute onesie for a boy. I just loved the fire truck and sparky. I thought it fitted us so well. My little sister also spent the night at our house. It was a little movie night with them, we saw Wreck it Ralph and Ella Enchanted.

Sunday,*warning: long story* I planned to have a day to clean the house.  Jaime came home and we saw a pretty creepy movie, while we waited for Megan and my sister to wake up. They woke up soon after and I started on breakfast. During the time I was making breakfast my brother called to say that he was going to pick up my sister. I said "ok, but she was about to eat". So he said he would come after she finished eating. I decided after I ate. that I would take her back home. I told Jaime that I was going to visit with my mom for awhile and Jaime said "no, dont, just come back home". In my head I was thinking "aww he wants to spend time with me." (uh-huh, nope, he had other plans) So there  I was in the truck with my sister, about to leave, when Jaime comes out of the house and says that my dad was already coming. I was a little confused because I was already in the truck and it was not that far away but I said ok, and my little sister waited for my dad.

So my dad and brother eventually come and
 I ask my brother : So what did ya'll buy?
Brother: oh, stuff for the house.
Me: Ok, like what?
Brother: Does it matter?!
Me: Fine, nevermind, I dont want to know.

I tell my husband "what in the world is wrong with my brother". My husband just laughs after I tell him what he told me. My brother never tells me things like that. Hes always so sweet to me.

So I go on with my day and Jaime and I are cleaning the house, moving furniture, cleaning the yard all the while megan is having like 12 meltdowns. Awesome. After we finish with our cleaning Jaime,out of nowhere says "oh, hey I need you to drop off Megan at your moms, because Im taking you somewhere." I just look at him and Im just in aww that he was going to take me somewhere, just us.

So, I get ready. Megan is taken by Jaime to my moms. When he gets back, he blindfolds me and gives me some flowers. How sweet right? So Im in his truck blindfolded, a little scared. He drives us everywhere. Im feeling car sick. We are driving for a good while. Hes taking turns like crazy. Im telling him places I think he is taking me.

We finally come to a stop and Im noticing that its an open area because I could feel the wind blowing pretty well. There is a little grass and dirt. Im thinking Im in some kind of field. I enter some sort of area and  Then  I tell him," hey, It smells like my moms house". The blindfold comes off and people yell out "SURPRISE!!!!".

My family got me very well. Especially Jaime. He was actually a pretty good secret keeper. I got some presents and some cash for my birthday. I also got two pretty lovely cards from my brother and dad. They are the sweetest. My brother told me later that he said the thing he said to me because he was trying to get me off his back. I had a great weekend. My family made me feel special for the day:) My birthday is not until Wednesday and my husband has something planned and I think Im also doing something with my other sister that day. Still more to come:)......

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