Friday, March 29, 2013

Books on my nightstand

This semester is kicking my butt and I have very little time to read. The only time I do read is when I have a 5 minute break or when I'm am about to sleep. I'm a huge book worm and I'm always looking for little places I could put my books. We have a bookshelf, but there is hardly any space for more books. I'm thinking about donating my books, Or if anyone is interested in my books, I would be happy to give them to you. They are mostly the Harlequin books, that I don't want.

Here are the current books on my nightstand:
This set of books I only read before class or during class. Lectures can drag on so I would simply open my book very casually and read and every so ofter look up so that the teacher will know that I am listening. Wow, I hope my kids don't do that to me one day. Ha! I picked up these books at a thrift store in a town near by, and they had these two books. I am a big fan of the victorian era, or the American revolution days. So A bride most Begruding was right up my alley.

A bride Most Begrudging:
description from Amazon:
When Lady Constance Morrow Find herself held against her will aboard a ship bound for the American colonies--a ship filled with "tobacco brides" and felons--she is quite sure that as soon as she arrives she will find a reasonable man who will believe her father is an earl and send her back on the next ship to England. Instead she meets Drew O'Connor, a determined Colonial farmer who is nearly as headstrong as she is. Drew wins Constance as his bride but soon realizes he has taken on much more than he bargained for.

I enjoyed this book so much that I had to finish it one night and ended up sleeping at 3am. Really good book.

Girls and Trucks:
Description from Amazon: 
Sarah Walters, the narrator of GIRLS IN TRUCKS, is a reluctant Camellia Society debutante. She has always felt ill-fitted to the rococo ways of Southern womanhood and family, and is anxious to shake the bonds of her youth. Still, she follows the traditional path laid out for her. This is Charleston, and in this beautiful, dark, segregated town, established rules and manners mean everything.

But as Sarah grows older, she finds that her Camellia lessons fail her, particularly as she goes to college, moves North, and navigates love and life in New York. There, Sarah and her group of displaced deb sisters try to define themselves within the realities of modern life. Heartbreak, addiction, disappointing jobs and death fail to live up to the hazy, happy future promised to them by their Camellia mothers and sisters.

When some unexpected bumps in the road--an unplanned birth, a family death--lead Sarah back home, she's forced to take another long look at the fading empire of her youth. It takes a strange turn of events to finally ground Sarah enough to make some serious choices. And only then does she realize that as much as she tried to deny it, where she comes from will always affect where she ends up. The motto of her girlhood cotillion society, "Once a Camellia, always a Camellia," may turn out to have more wisdom and pull to it than she ever could have guessed.

I could not get into this book, I think it was because of the Character. She just seemed so lost and at times I wanted to yell at my book. It was a good read but the story was just all over the place at times.

The book I am currently reading is: The American Heiress
 I have seen a couple of ladies say that they have read this book and really enjoyed it. So far I am liking it but I have not read as much as I would like to, so I cant give you a full opinion. 

Books in the works:

Can't go wrong with Emily Giffin,her books are pretty good. I really want to read Matched, people have said it is a great book but I just still have not gotten around to it. I think I have put new books ahead of it. I think part of me feels that if I read all of it Im gonna feel sad that its over.Crazy right? Well, so these are the books on my nightstand. There are so many. I think if I didnt have to go to school I would have read these books a long time ago.


Katie F said...

I love matched! I didn't like american heiress as much as I thought either. and baby proof is my all time favorite book. I can reread it over and over

Hilary said...

I think we love all of the same books. You should check out You can join and list your used books. Then people "buy" them. You mail them off at your own expense, but when they're received, you get a credit to "buy" a book that you want. It's great for getting old books off your shelves!