Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Im loving

What Im loving this awesome Wednesday is.....

Im Loving that I finally bought my own webcam, I had been using my sisters to skype with my husband so this should be fun tonight!

Im Loving that I already got a few things for Megans birthday party.

It's just the candy bags and the main table cover:)

Im really excited for this. I feel like its my party lol! just kidding

but it's fun making a theme that she is going to go crazy for:)

Im Loving the clearance sale that is going on at Old Navy.

Not sure about the sweaters,because lets face it, it's Texas.

As always Im Loving my husband and daughter

Thats all I got for this Wednesday:)

Dont forget to link up with Jamie:)

Day 3

<3 your girls


Jumping Jack said...

Yay! for a webcam so you can Skype w/ your hubby. That should be fun!!

I'm going to have to hit up Old Navy. I'm a sucker for a good sale!

Thanks for visiting Jumping Jack today! Have a good afternoon.

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Old Navy always has the best sales!

Emily P. said...

love the Old Navy picks!