Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 I have not blogged in awhile.. for some reason Im just too lazy, it might be the cold weather.

Classs has officially started and Im already stressing out:/

I am taking a class that has to deal with teaching to Special Ed student, Im really
excited to start learning about those students.

Just being in that class made me get pumped to start teaching in my own classroom, Im so excited for it.

In other news: the hubbs is doing good, I have not really talked to him much but he says he is doing great.

& I was talking to other wives and I was told I can start getting applications to start gettting a loan from the VA so thats exciting, of course I still need to talk to a lender, but we are on our way.

As you can see not much is going on:( but anways have a great day:)

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