Thursday, January 6, 2011

Live long and Prosper!

Sorry Im watching Star Trek it's one of the greatest movies ever!!!

 I dont have really much to blog about today.
Except that it's my

Mom's Birthday!!

I brought her roses to work and she loved them:)

I also got her a carrot cake, it's one of her favorites:)

Tomorrow Im taking her to Chili's to celebrate, she got the day off for it!

Then the weekend Im going shopping for school clothes, just a few though,

 Im mainly going to shop for birthday party Items for Megan.

& last but not least the hubs is doing fine and eating well thankfully. I'm always asking him if he's eaten.

I just want to get these next few month over with so he can come home and we can start living our lives.

Pictures for the day

 Technically This picture was taken yesterday

Im starting my reading on how to remodel our house....when we buy it in a few months:)

<3 your girls


Rebekah said...

So fun! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Gris said...

I love Chilis. Their was a Chilis at the university I went to, I used to eat their like twice a week.