Monday, December 27, 2010

Misc. Monday & Christmas Recap

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas, I know I have not blogged in a couple of days so I will start on the day my husband came home.

P.S I will try not not make this a long post but I promise there will be lots of pictures:)

(Traffic) It was Wednesday night when Jaime was coming home, the airport he came in is 45 minutes away from the town I live in. So my dad and I left to pick up Mr.G and my dad and I didnt realize that the mall was very close to the airport. So there my dad are I were, a block away from the airport but the long line of cars would not move so we were getting very upset! So long story short we were late to pick up my husband because of all the craziness at the mall:( I felt horrbile. I asked him if he felt bad, he said no it's ok. So I felt a little bit better but next time I am going SUPER early next time....not that there will be one, this is his last time home till he comes back from Afghanistan:(

Always with my iPod

(We are approved for a home loan but not a computer?) Remember a while back when I told you all I was going to get a new computer?....yeah that didnt work out so good. 
So it was the day before Christmas Eve and it was a mad house at Best buy, but somhow we got help, so we started to get paper work going for a credit card from Best Buy. After 10 minutes they tell us we were not approved. We were really shocked, because we are approved for a home loan of a good amount for a home but they could not approve us of a credit card? It was just so odd to me, So Im stuck with my computer again:( oh well could be worse.

<>  <>
Had to put him to work..he does not mind he LOVES doing this.

Shopping day

That night we ended up going to grandmas house so here is the Tree in a better picture:)

(Christmas Eve) We went to visit Jaime's mom and brother, and let me just point out that my husbands brother has the most AWESOME mil! She is the sweetest lady ever!

Afterwards we were going to church but we were just so tired from the day we didnt go to to church!Shocking I know! I felt really bad about it but we ended up just at home playing a game of screw your neighbor. Which my sister won the pot of $10.50. After the game we just sat around watching Chritsmas movies and writing our letters to Santa and baking cookies:)

(Christmas Day)It's sad to say but I stayed all day in Pjs not sure if that is good but I did it.
We didnt do much excpet for family to visit us,play games,exchange gifts, & some football:)

In our family it's tradition for Me to wake up everyone Christmas morning:) I woke up my sister to find a bike that Santa left her.

p.s we got lots of gifts but it would take forever to put all of the pictures  :/

"Shwek" her way of saying "shrek"

                                             I got him tickets to a Basketball game:)

                                                             He needed one really bad!

He finally has his own:), and now he cant seem to put it down unless he really has to

I cant wait to start reading my book! AHHH!
Nicholas Sparks 'The Lucky One'

This was Megan watching Shwek, can you tell she loves him!

Love these!!!!

They are sweats the hubs got for me

(The sixth sense) Let me start by saying I have a sixth sense, Ive had it long as I can rememeber, I have these feelings when something bad is going to happen, or I should say something very unexpected. Well I told everyone to be on their toes in the morning, and guess what?, my car broke down right before we were headed to the basketball game ,so we left back home and picked up my moms truck. So now you know my secret. Im not making it up I really do have those feeling somtimes and they end up being bad things.

This was a picture I shot in my car before we knew what was going to happen.

This was a very fun date, next tickets Im getting him are for baseball:)

Have a great Monday:)

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La Cabrona said...

I am glad you had a good christmas, god bless you and thanks for the sacrifices you and you husband make, to protect ou country :)