Monday, December 13, 2010

I hit 30!!! Misc. Monday

I hit 30 followers now. You all are Awesome!!:)

It's another Monday so link up and play along:)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.Sunday's at Tiffany's
Did ya'll see this movie over the weekend on LMN? It's so adorable, it reminded my of my Imaginery friend I had when I was a kid. I recommend everyone should see it, if you into magic and romance:)

2. Ecplise
I really want this movie for Christmas Im pretty sure Jaime is getting it for me but Im still gonna post this, cuz he reads my blog. So Im just reminding him:)

3.Christmas Parade
My Family and I went to the Christmas parade that was on Saturday night. I have to say It was not fun, it was actually really long and it was not very kid friendly. I wanted to see some cartoon characters but they didnt have that:( But Megan still had some fun.

It's a little blurry sorry

Oh how Ive been craving some really god cupcakes. Ugh I hate this time of year all I want to do is eat some sweet and cookies, but they are oh so yummy:) Im going to try and
find a really good episode for some really good cupcakes that I can bake for my hubbs:)

5.Miss M
My daughter has just been the best company ever! I miss my husband alot every single day but having this little girl with me everyday eases the pain from not having my hubbs here:)


Tales of Our Journey said...

I loved the book Sunday at Tiffany's but I never knew they made a movie out of it. I'm bumbed I didn't get to see it.

Gris said...

Your daughter is so pretty. That's a nice picture of y'all.

Kelley said...

I totally watched the lifetime movie and it was so adorable! I also had an imaginary friend and it totally took me back to those days. But my friend was a girl with curly hair and glasses not a hot guy ;) Thanks for the comment love. your little girl is precious!

Amy said...
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Journey2Goal said...

I didn't know Sunday @ Tiffany's was a movie! I read the book by James Patterson, it was good. Reminded me of Time Travelers Wife.
I am a Twilight girl too:) Love it!
Those cupcakes are adorable! Look yummy too!

Anonymous said...

I love your hint to your husband! I need to watch those movies! And your daughter is a cutie!!