Friday, August 19, 2011

Its not mommy anymore...its mom:(

[Warning:Mommy post]

I cannot express how addicted I am to my daughter. I drop her off at daycare because well, I feel like
she enjoys going even though I am left by myself doing chores:( She talks about her friends all day long and what they do, as much as I enjoy hearing her stories about daycare she is just growing up faster and faster each day,and I wonder if she talks about me to her friends,I know she talk:)s about her daddy to everone but uh hello what about your mommy?

I had been dreaming of her since I was 3:) Of course right?, which little girl didnt make a doll into her own baby.

I do have to admit when she was born I didnt feel that connection right away*gasp* I know right? What a horrible mother I am,well if you must know I blame it on the drugs I took for the birth....cuz I really cant even remember most of those two days in the hospital. I amm soo not going to take drugs next time..or at least take as few as I can,I want to feel everything next time,even though it is absolute pain and I can still feel the pain to this day.

But oh boy I cant believe how much I am sooo in love with her, I mean the girl drives me nuts,but holy crap she is soooo smart. I know right? I have to say that she is my daughter. But no, really, people that know us always are astonished at the things that megan does and says. I have to admit she does outsmart me a couple of time:/ Crazy!

I stare at her at times...I have to just stare and stare at her becuase Im so afraid that these moments are going to just pass me by...and as I sit here crying because she is growing up I can wait to see her get married and walking down the isle with her daddy to marry the man of her dreams.

She's growing up so fast and my husband and I have thought of college for her. I have been thinking of her wedding, what kind of girl she might be in high school. Teaching her about boys, having the sex talk, and the list goes on. Oh man she is growing so fast and It breaks my heart. She fills my heart with love and joy though. I so happy that I will always have her in my life. I will never feel alone because I have her:) Shes my baby girl. Shes my everything. I have dreamt of her forever she is 1 of 2 people I cant live without.

Ya'll are probably thinking oh the woman has gone over the edge with her daughter.hahaha

I just really love my daughter and I really need to spend even more time with her.

As for the title of this post my daughter now calls me mom instead of mommy.
Its been two days and I think its pretty much killing me.
Why am I not mommy anymore?
I dont want to be called mom.
Im mommy!

I have not told her that,she can call me whatever she wants,I just hope she does not think Im gonna stop giving her a million kisses just cause Im now mom.

& I almost forgot to tell you,she is the most funniest kid ever! I think she just likes to make me laugh.
I dont know from who she got her humor from but it's not from me of Jaime because we are not funny people but she is seriously a comedian!

ok I'm going to stop here because I could go on an on. Hers a picture of her yesterday being funny!

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