Monday, May 19, 2014

Sleep is for the weak!

Sleep has been a thing of the past. I hate not having my sleep, I really wish that my little boy knew that night time is for sleeping time. He has been pretty good for the most part. He wakes up during midnight and wakes up again at 3 in the morning then again at 5 am. Some nights are pretty bad though, like two nights ago when he was pretty much waking up every hour. I thought I was going to die of no sleep. I kind of knew this is how I was going to feel because I already get upset when someone disturbs my sleep. So Jaime and I have set up a system. He feeds him at midnight and by 3 and 5 Im pretty much awake during the nursing.

However, my husband goes back to work in a few weeks. So far Jaime has been at home for about a month. I have been spoiled, he has not gone to work in that time. It's been such a nice time with my husband, he has been so helpful and it has been such a nice transition from having one baby to two.

I have to admit it has not been that hard with a second baby. Of course though, I have yet to do this on my own but for the most part I think this has been pretty easy.

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