Monday, May 12, 2014

Andrew's Birth Story

First of all, thank you to the ladies for the well wishes and the comments from my breastfeeding post. I loved hearing your stories, and I was very touch by your kind words.

 This birth story is going to be a doozy so just be aware:)

On April 25th, I was looking forward for the field trip my class was going to take. I was on cloud 9 that morning. I was just the happiest ever. I mean seriously I was singing and telling Megan and Jaime "It's Friday, and it's my last day!!" It was my last day of student teaching and I was going on a field trip and eating at Mr. Gattis. Oh gosh, I was looking forward for it. I got to school and I walked into the class, I was talking to the kids about the field trip and they were telling me that they wanted a picture with me and I told them, and I quote, "Guys we have all day long to take that picture."  It's sad that we never actually take that picture with my students.

The last photo before he came

Then out of nowhere I feel something something wet "down there" and it was not stopping.This was at about 8:15 am. I power walk to the bathroom and find lots of water stuff. I'm just freakin' out like, what in god's name is this crap. Yes, I said crap I also said something along the lines of " What the F*** is going on?"

When the water sort of stops, I go back to the classroom and inform my teacher that I think my water broke. Her words were "Oh, shit." Then I tell her that I'm going to call my doctor and see what she says. I go back to the bathroom and make my call. The nurse gives me some advice but in the end I make my decision and decide I'm going to the hospital.

I tell my teacher and she wants to know if I want to be followed, at first I tell her no, that I will be fine, but she insists so, the other student teacher drove behind me while I drove to the hospital. All the while I was having contractions.

I call my mom, and Jaime on the way over there. I tell Jaime that I think my water broke but Im not 100% sure but I'm still going to the hospital just in case. I tell him to just go about his work day until I tell him that it's official since it was his first day back to work.

Love the smile my husband has:)

So I get to the hospital. My mom is already there we are trying to find parking. We have to park at the other end of the dang hospital. I walk a good while. My mom is cursing the people who made the parking lot. We finally get to the hospital, they tell me I have to register. I hear about every other word that the lady is saying because I am having contractions. There is water still coming out of me (freakin gross!!!) and my mom is writing down all my information in the paper work.

They finally admit me. They are talking to me like If I can actually understand them through all the contractions going on.

A couple of other events happen but it all revolves around that dang water coming out of me. It was so embarrassing I thought I was peeing too. Seriously, I was just yelling at my body to stop doing that.

My awesome doctor comes in. She talks to me. She tells me to focus on my breathing. I swear she was such an amazing doctor. I mean she made me feel so comfortable, she got me some warm pads to make me feel better, she gave me ice chips, she was getting stuff for my husband and mom. I mean she was just making us feel so comfortable as possible.

She even told me that I had a high tolerance for pain. I'm glad someone else noticed:) I thought I did too.  I ask her soo am I staying here. She said yes, I will be having a baby today. In my head all Im saying "oh, my god, and I thought I was going to have an easy day. It's about to get really painful."

So finally my husband and mom come in, my husband comes in and gives me a kiss on the head and mom is asking what did the dr say. While all this is going on my contractions are coming every 2-3 minutes. I was doing all my breathing stuff and it was working.

I remember towards the end, I was telling mom that I could not do this. I asked for an epidural but my doctor said that it was pretty much too late that I would have the baby in the next 45 minutes or less. It would be a waste to do so but of course the pain was so bad that I told her to please get it anyway. I remember my mom and my husband telling me I was doing great. I was honestly scared and It was so painful. I had no idea how I was going to push him out.

Finally after some pushing he was here and he was perfect. I remember repeating "Thank you god, he is here." Im sure the nurses thought I was weird saying that over and over again. I was so worried for him breathing, I kept asking if he was o.k. They laid him on me and he was a bit slimy from his head but other than that his cry was the most amazing thing I had ever heard and he was perfect. His lungs were amazing and I was just so happy that he was here with us.

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Hilary said...

Awwww, so sweet! I'm still intrigued by birth stories about women who went in to labor! Because I was induced, I didn't have the whole water breaking - contractions minutes apart thing. Did your epidural work since you got it so late?