Monday, December 30, 2013

Behind the scenes from our Christmas

Christmas eve Megan and I spent it alone. Megan said she didnt feel like going out that day so we stayed in an waited for Santa Clause. I spent the whole day pretty much cleaning the house for Santa Clause.Megan said that Santa was not going to go into our kitchen so she was really confused as to why I was cleaning pretty much the whole house, if he was just going to drop off some presents under the tree. We also tracked Santa on Google map. It was pretty neat and Megan was mesmerized that she was able to see Santa move to each country.

The next morning we stayed in bed waiting for Jaime to get home from work. Megan's face lit up when she saw the presents Santa had brought her. Most of her gifts were of monster high. She received a towel of monster high, a Cinderella pillow, two monster high dolls, some bracelets, and a purse. After Jaime and I opened our gifts we headed to my parents house where there were more presents to be unwrapped.

Megan went first and then we went on from there. She always has the most gift so she always has to go first.

After we opened up presents we ate some breakfast. We chit chatted a bit and then we sat down to watch a movie. Megan was ready to leave so that she could play with her gifts at home too. The plan for the day was to visit my uncles house by the lake because he was making a turkey. So around 3 we headed to his house. Before we left though, Jaime took a nap and Megan played with her toys while I cleaned up a little in the living room.

When we arrived at my uncles house some of our cousins were already there. We were fishing, eating, talking, the kids were having fun running around the backyard. I think we stayed there till about 8 pm. I was tired from the day. The baby was making me tired. I just felt so uncomfortable the whole day. My lower back has been killing me lately.

It was a memorable Christmas. I especially liked being with my own little family. This is the last time it will be just the three of us and I have been soaking this time with them.

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