Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas This and That

We started doing a little bit of decorating about two days before Thanksgiving. We didn't get a whole bunch of decorations, just a tad. However, now we are in full spirits around here.Oh and even Marshall the elf is back! This year I have been a little more creative with him, however I have not been taking a ton of pictures of him. Its not that I am busy, I just don't get around to doing it.

Megan was really excited to decorate. We even bought her, her own Christmas tree. It is tiny and she was the one who decorated it. Hobby Lobby had 50% off of Christmas decorations about two weeks before Thanksgiving and I just could not pass that up. I would like to go back but its been dang cold outside and has been keeping us indoors. We are obviously Texans because when it is cold we stay under the blankets all through out the cold,except when we need to work of course.

We have also been doing a bit of crafts for Christmas, it is not much but it has been a few. I mostly just like being with Megan and having little talks with her.You can learn a lot about your children when you talk to them:) There have been some other crafts that I have been wanting to do but I need some materials. I dont know if ya'll have that pin with the ornament and a hand painted little hand on it. I tried to find it but I cant. I'll post a picture on Instagram when I finally do it.

We also put a few string of lights in Megan's room. She loves them, especially at night when they are all twinkling:)I wanted to put some different colors of light in her room but I'm so afraid that the lights might make a fire so they are not as on as often. They are only on at night time for a while.

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Hilary said...

The next time Christmas decorations are on sale, look for LED Christmas lights. I have them for my office because they don't get hot!