Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tis' the season to be....scared.

This is my first week of my school break and I thought it was going to be the start of a relaxing, worry free month before I start student teaching in January. Monday started off by Jaime and I watching a very scary movie in the morning called The Conjuring. Freakin' scary movie! 

After we were done watching the movie Jaime and I did some Christmas shopping and was gone for about 2 hours. While we were out Jaime received a call from his captain at the fire station stating that our neighbor who lives across the street had started some kind of fire to their couches. He wasn't really clear on the details. So when we arrived at our house policemen and fire trucks were everywhere on our street.

Our neighbor comes to our house stating that someone broke into their house and tried to light their house on fire! Yes, people broke into their house and stole a few things and tried to light their house on fire!!! I asked her a couple of question and she stated that she never locks her door when she leave. All I'm think was what!? I don't know if they went through their front door, I just know that she states she does not lock the door. I'm sure she will now though.

Oh that's not all. The next day the cops were at their neighbors house besides them. That story, I dont know about, but I do know they were taking finger prints. They claim that the people who came in, came in from the alley way. That goes for the other neighbors too.

So here I am worried that I am doing die over TV's and computers. Which is not a way I want to leave this world. Saying I am scared is an understatement, I don't feel myself anymore because I am so terrified I will have to have to defend myself in my home without Jaime. I really hate when Jaime has to work. I mean the guy only works three days out of a 9 day week but still I need him home with me to protect me:( So pray for me.

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Hilary said...

Oh man! You guys need a dog, an alarm system, or a gun... or all of the above! :-)

Josh always wants to watch scary movies and I hate them! He's been dying to see The Conjuring, but thankfully we haven't yet. Evil Dead was on Starz the other night and he started watching it. It was creeping me out and he ended up turning it off, saying it was dumb. I don't care why he turned it off - I'm just glad he did!