Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye 2013

Who would have thought I would be pregnant at the end of 2013, because I sure didn't see that coming. Did I plan on it in 2014, yes. Of course we did plan for baby number 2 but we thought it would take longer than expected. So here we are going to be a family of 4 in May and we all can't wait to expand this family of ours.

Looking back this year was pretty amazing.

Dec 31-Jan. 1
We started the year off by taking pregnancy test. Yep, how intriguing is it that on this day last year I was taking pregnancy test. And today I am actually pregnant :).

One of my favorite months of the year. Megan's birthday! It was Megan's birthday all week long this past year. She had never blew her birthday candles on her own and this year she did. In 2014 we will be doing a monster high theme party, as she requested. We also have one more thing in store for her but it wont take place until Spring break.

March was filled with Midterms, birthday cards and parties. Lots of reading was done in this month.

We got a new bed! I know right, the things that grown-ups get excited for but but it was about time that this happened. We really stepped it up a notch on decorating this house but not "fully" but it's o.k. seeing as though its not ours and we will be moving at some point in our lives.

We went to the beach and it was a huge success compared to the last few times we went with Megan. She loved the beach and we got a tone of memories from that beach day. Something very scary also happened this month. Megan got a huge bump from some shots. Lord help me I had a Panic Attack!

My little Megan had a little graduation again. This time she had a cap and gown on. I remember getting teary eyed, through her walking. Megan got a new play set, and she loves it. She still loves it today so that is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is still missing a few items so I don't know what is the hold up on Jaime's part. We also won another amazon kindle, which to be completely honest I have no clue where it it. I wanna say that Jaime has it but I am really not sure. Terrible on our part.

 A Special month.We made the 2nd biggest decision of our lives and decided to start trying for another baby. Scariest thing ever, and was really weird at first because we have been so careful for the last 4 years.  We also tried Japanese candy for the very first time. We also learned that in Japan kitkat is made in many different flavors. The one we got was I believe kiwi flavor.

This month was a pretty exciting month.
From buying a new car to watching my brother walk out as a football player for the first time. Jaime turned 26 years old! This month we also went on a little vacation to San Antonio, we had an awesome time with Megan at Sea World. We made some great memories there, which I was actually thinking about the other day. I hope we can go again this year again with the baby.

We find out about baby #2. I Will never forget the face on Jaime when I told him. Megan starts gymnastics! she loves gymnastics and is getting better every time she goes. Its a joy watching her do her thing. It was also one of the most rainiest month so far in the year.

We had ultrasounds, went to visit my sister in Corpus Christi and Megan was Frankiestein for Halloween. It was the best halloween ever!

Judging by my posts not a whole lot went on this month.We went to a church carnival where Megan had a blast. That weekend was probably the most memorable and the most favorite weekend ever. I mean we don't have a great weekend all the time but that was the most memorable because we were just having fun the whole day. We also bought the baby its first clothing. At this point I have no clue what I am having.

December was all about Christmas. We had our first Christmas shoot, and I have to say that we can do better with our smiles.  Christmas was the best as always, and new year I assume will be not as eventful as Christmas because the weather outside right now is terrible. Its raining and cold. So I dont expect too many people popping firworks tonight. We might just stay in tonight but I am still waiting on a call from my momma.

That was our year, and honestly looking back, I think we had a great year. It was fun and we had a good couple of events that I will remember forever. The only thing I hope for 2014, is for everything to go smoothly and to take more photos, but I say that every year so why break tradition.

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