Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How we found out about baby #2

We found out on Tuesday September 10 that we were expecting baby #2!!!

I had a missed period and it had been days since my expected missed period. Of course I took pregnancy test.. All came out..wait for it...Negative. Yes!! All three pregnancy test I took were all negative. So here I am holding the last prengnacy I take and thinking "o.k dont panic maybe my body is changing". I tell my parents about whats going on and they tell me to go see a doctor as soon as possible. We get an appointment for Tuesday and the dotor tells me that sometimes because of stress my body could miss a period. The week I was suppose to have my monthly, I was stressed to the max. I mean I was crying and crying and my anxiety was through the roof. So it just made sense to us and just said ok it was just stress. She tells us that she is still going to take a pregnancy test through blood. After we leave Jaime and I go our separate way. I was going to buy the Big Band theory season 6 and he was going to go to a store to find some tool.

So I'm at the target parking lot getting ready to leave because some sort of a shipment fiasco, they didnt have the dvd. So she a nurse calls me and she says "Mrs. Gonzalez your test came our positive". All I could say was "oh my gosh". I was trying not to crash all the way home. Overjoyed,happy, excited and scared were all the feelings I was experiencing.

Side note while I was at Target I picked up this little number.
I just picked it up just in case. I kind of wanted to tell Jaime in a cute way but since he already knew they were going to call about the results. When I finally got home Jaime and I were talking about something I cant remember. I had the bib in my purse and all of a sudden I take out the bibs from my purse and say  "hey, we are going to need this".

I kid you not.....the guy stayed staring at me for several seconds. He looked like he got paralyzed and count not move his body.

It was hysterical.


Julia Miller said...

Congrats. :)

Hilary said...

I saw those too & pointed them out to Josh. If we're having a boy, they'll definitely go on the registry. :-) & congrats again. So happy for you guys!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Congrats, first time by the blog! So exciting!