Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Panic Attack.

Lets start from the wayyyy beginning. Megan needed some shots since February, but because I hate it when she gets shots and she hates the doctor, period. We decided to just postpone it a little. It is now May and Jaime finally took her to the doctor's office for her 4yr check-up, I had some errands to run on Friday and I also had some volunteer hours to do since it was early release on Friday. I finally get home and I ask them both how it went. Apparently she got 3 shots and they were all given to her on her thighs. He also said that she scream bloody murder sooo Im kind of glad I didnt go otherwise I would have cried.

So lets fastforward to when I take her a shower the next day and I am working on putting on her shorts and what do I notice? A red bump.
Yep, a scare little bump. I dont panic. I call Jaime and tell him what Im looking at. He says that it is probably a reaction to the shots. I let it slide because it was a little tiny thing.

The next morning I look at her leg again...and notice,It got bigger.

(It doesn't look much in this photo but trust me it was huge.)

So I get my phone call her doctor,Its Sunday, the operator answers the phone and says that she is going to call the doctor and the doctor will call me back. So while I'm waiting for the doctor I call my answer. I call my dad(he used to be a nurse's assistant)..In a sort of panic voice, I tell him Megan's leg is swollen...all he gets in is a "What!?" because the doctor is calling on the other line. I pretty much hang up on my dad and I start talking to Megan's doctor which he goes to tell me that this kind of thing sometimes happens to kids & that I should not be worried unless she had a fever and is not acting herself. Girlfriend was running around the house at the time he was telling me this.

So I calm down and then the door bell rings and it's my dad telling me how much I scared him. I tell him everything is ok. Side note: I just love how fast he came rushing to our house for Megan:)

I honestly don't care if I went into a panic mode,this kid is my life. I will call anyone and everyone to get her help. That's what being a parent is all about.

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Christina McGuire said...

New mommy and follower here :) I learned recently about probiotics. My daughter is 6 months old. I put 1/4 teaspoon of the powder into her bottle. I will ALWAYS give my child probiotics from here on out. If you did not know, a person's gut flora is filled with (healthy or unhealthy) natural bacteria. In order for a person to be healthy, their gut flora needs to be healthy. In my research about vaccinations and what all the hoopla is about...I have found that vaccinations are not bad by is the combo of vaccines going into a child that isn't completely healthy by their gut flora standards. Vaccines were created to be injected into completely healthy children. Well, as many of us know - our food supply has dramatically changed in the last 20 years (even more so last 10 years!) As our children eat all this processed food filled with GMOs, food dyes, additives,etc - their gut flora stinks! (We see the rise in Autism, ADHD, etc. in relation to the years our food has changed) Hope you look into it for you little girl :)

Also, I highly recommend you watch this if you are not familiar with GMOs. It is the best thing I have done to keep my family healthy. This is a good medical documentary narrated by Dr. Oz's wife. Youtube link:

I am enjoying your blog :) Keep up the great posts!

All the Best,
Christina @ The McGuire Family