Friday, May 31, 2013

Let's go to the Beach,Beach

Megan had this great idea to go to the beach last week. I thought it was funny because boy did we have an eventful time last time we came to the beach, you can read about it Here. We had not gone to the beach since that time. I just didn't want to go if it was going to be exactly like last time.  Thankfully It wasn't like last time. She was pretty much always in the water, making sandcastles in the sand, and burying her uncle in the sand. She was fast asleep when we went home. We didn't stay for long,it was from 8:00-12:30. It was a Sunday and some of us had work to do that day and Jaime had to work the next day, so we thought it was best for us not be there for too long.We woke up at about 5:45 in the morning. Well actually I woke up at that time, Jaime and Megan had a really tough time waking up at that time. Somehow I got those two out of bed and we were off to meet my sisters and brother at our moms house. I think this beach trip was a hit. It was memorial weekend so when we left there was a huge amount of cars just trying to get into the island. The Island we were at is called South Padre Island, I think Ive read a couple of bloggers have visited this Island. We live super close but we probably come about less than 5 times a year. I love the pictures we took, I'll always remember this time at the beach. It was the first time Megan was happy at the Island:)

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