Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anniversary and Birthday

My husband is a lucky Man he gets two present this month! One for our Anniversary and of course his Birthday.
I forgot to post up the pictures for both events.


Every Anniversary we always blow out our own candle,and we make a wish, usually it's for that year or a lifetime wish. I always make my wish the same every year and seems like my wish always comes true:)
Jaime of course was unable to blow out his candle so I had to make a wish for both of us.
We plan on going to San Antonio to celebrate all events that he missed out, cant wait:)

*This was our first Anniversary cake

Happy Birthday Hubbs

A couple of weeks ago I saw something on pinterest that really intrigued me for a Birthday card.
I was suppose to send out his present but mail was cut off which Im not complaining, I can wait to give him his present when he comes home:) Im so excited!


*This one is mine:)

I actullly messed up the card though I fogot the card in the back sooo I guess it was a fail, but it was still pretty fun making this card:)

A day to relax...not.
Oh and one more event that I left out...well more like a day out event. My family and I went to the Beach,and we had the most TERRIBLE time, I know now that Megan and I are not beach girls. We hate the sand and it is not a good idea to go to the beach when your daughter absolutely has to have a potty around. Horrible day, but she did love the ocean,she spent most of the time in the ocean,which was so much fun to watch her laugh and yell. But next time we are sticking with a pool:)

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Rebekah said...

Love the anniversary cake and birthday card! Cute! I'm not a beach kind of girl, but I could sit at the ocean for hours. I love it there!