Monday, July 29, 2013

"The Special Month"

*This is where I get personal.*

 Written July 11th
We are the type of couple who like to plan for things. Like take for example, our school situation. The plan was that Jaime was going to go to school first and when he finished I was going to go. So that plan has came through and we are down to my last three semesters of school until I receive my Bachelors in the Spring. Another example would be Megan...she was a very planned baby:) There are many example but these were the big ones. The more recent plan has been baby making #2. Oh I know what your thinking....oh baby talk again......nope not this time. Well, not really.

I have this plan for school, work and Megan's school year. I have already expressed in a previous post about my plans about Megan's schooling. My plans for school and work is for me to to be certified and start teaching by next August. That's best case scenario.

So it was like a week ago, I realized that everyone and their mothers(not really their mothers) were becoming pregnant and or just had a baby. All the while my little kid is dying for a sister. So I counted the month of when it would be good for us to be pregnant and I came to the idea that this month (July)would be the last month that maybe we could try and aim for an April baby. April is best for me because I graduate in May and I kind of don't want to be pregnant when I receive my diploma.  I can go to interviews during the summer without being pregnant and I wont have to take time off from work on my first year as a teacher. Jaime was on board and he thought it was a good plan. So we decided that whatever happens, happen. We are not totally trying just "going with the flow"......That was untill.....I cheated.

Yup I looked up an ovulation calendar. Not sure if they work but I did it. I think Jaime found it adorable. But I know now that if I fail it's going to hurt.A lot.

So you might say this is a special month.

If we fail to conceive we will not get another chance till next year in March.

Stay tune to see what happens.........

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Hilary said...

Good luck girlie! But just in case, make sure you schedule outside the box, too, lol. I ovulated a week before my "date", just a week after my period started, and I had 29 day cycles that you could put money on.