Thursday, November 7, 2013

This past weeked

I know, I know I am super late on this past weekend post. School has been really bad on me this week. It's mostly my fault I have been procrastinating on my work. I know it's not good. However, I am now caught up on my work and I have time to now sit and write on my little space on the internet:)

This past weeknd was one of those weekend where you wish that you could have those weekend all the time. We spent so much time as a family and it was really nice.

We did a little shopping. We saw all the christmas decorations and I really cant wait to start decorating around the house. I am looking forward to buying our christmas tree the day after thanksgiving. Oh and lets not forget Marshall!! I think we are adding a skirt to Marshall this year..and I think we will be adding the reindeer that has also came out as a family tradition.So there are new things coming our way.

After we went to a couple of stores we were headed to Jason's deli. Jaime and I had been wanting to eat there for a couple of weeks but didn't really get the chance. When we got to Jason's deli there was some sort of high school team that was in line. Jaime and I were pretty disappointed. It would have taken a while before we would have been able sit and eat.
So we went next door to a place called Wing stop. Not sure if you all know what wing stop is, its just a place where they of course sell wings..but there are different kinds of flavors. Weird flavors. Anyways we sat and ate our lunch. It was really good but our drinks were super flat. Eh. Disgusting. It  wasnt the best but that happened.
We sat on the tabled. All three of us were talking about random things. Megan was having a good time, talking to both of us. We even bought this cute yellow purse that she just "needed". She was loving on that purse. Gosh, we had such a good weekend.
So after we left we went home to just hang out for while. We watched some tv. Then after awhile we left to a carnival that was at our church. We played a ton of games. Megan was having a grand time, having the attention to her, and we were having a great time just being with our Megan and playing. After awhile we left and went to a redbox and whataburger for some dinner.
So that night we watch Epic and we were having a picnic in the living room floor. So that is what we did for the night and its was pretty simple and pretty sweet.

Here is the picture with the flower purse that she needed.

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Hilary said...

Aww, those weekends are great. :-)