Monday, August 12, 2013


Jaime and I had been talking about taking a vacation somewhere. We mentioned Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin,Glaveston and Houston. Ultimately, we chose San Antonio and decided that we would see all the things we didn't see the last time we were there. Megan is  a little older and she would be more able have some fun at the park.

We had a great time at the park. There was not a lot of people this time around. I think the last time we came it was on a weekend and there was just too many people. We went on a Tuesday so there was not a lot of people. I mean seriously there wasn't any lines at rides. Crazy huh?! We also purchased a stroller..and let me just say the stroller was a god sent! The last time we came we didn't bring a stroller and we regretted it so much, so it was awesome. I recommend taking one.

We also went on the riverwalk and went to the the Rainforest cafe for the very first time and it was amazing!  Megan was a little scared with the whole thunderstorm and the animals but I had a blast. She got a little used to all the animals after awhile thankfully. Jaime and her got to have a little souvenir, I had not such thing. I will say though that their Cesar salad was AMAZING! I mean it was so good. I have tasted a pretty good amount of salads but this one was really good. I think the bread that was served with it added a bit of a kick.

Megan also go her ears pierced!! I think it hurt us more than it hurt her. She didn't even cry but I swear I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Then I think I offended the lady that was doing the piercing. I had to sign a paper that said I could not sue if she was to mess up my daughters ears, so I simply asked how many times she has been doing this. She didn't look to thrilled that I asked her that but eh I had to. We also went to the Alamo where I told Megan the story of the Alamo and why it is well known in Texas. She was pretty interested in the story especially the part on how they used horses to get around. She's such as cowgirl. Jaime actually quizzed her the next day. It was pretty funny. She did remember, so that was pretty amazing to hear for her.We also stopped at the downtown stores, we went into the mirror maze which was pretty creepy. Megan didn't like it, Jaime and I enjoyed it however:)

That is pretty much the high points to the trip, we also stopped by Toys R us, the mall, and we somehow got lost while we were at the riverwalk and ended up in another hotel. Next summer we should be going to Disney world but we shall see.


Julie Danielle said...

That sounds like fun! I am hoping we can visit SA next year and do Sea World and the Riverwalk as well.

Hilary said...

I saw a Mirrormaze the other day when we were going out to dinner and just thought, "Oh my gosh, that thing would make me so sick!" I get claustrophobic like no other. Yikes!!