Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Great week so far and it's only Tuesday

In reference to the title...I wrote this yesterday:)

This is now my last week as a Junior in college. Starting Monday, I will be beginning my senior year of college. I could seriously cry right now but I wont because I'm just too happy to be crying right now. I have done all the finishing thing for the semester and next week I will be contacting my hometowns district so I can be a student teacher in one of their schools. Pretty scary stuff, I tell ya.

This week has kicked off on a great start and that rarely happens so lets start with the biggest news. We bought this beautiful Honda CRV. It has been my dream car for a very long time and we now have one. We actually just wanted to see how much we would paying every month. We didn't necessary plan on buying it that day. They gave us a great deal and we just could not say no. We did negotiate numbers so I felt a little bit better about that. We thought it would have been more on the price but it was perfect price and we need to raise our credit score. Mine is great but Jaime's isn't..he doesn't have any credit. I have to admit I felt bad buying this beauty but we really needed a car. I have had my car since I was a senior in high school..yeah, its been 6 years since Ive been in high school. I somehow feel like a grown-up now with this car.

#2. My little brother who is now a freshmen in High School (lord help me) is a football player. I am so proud of this handsome boy. I mean look at him:) To me he'll always be that little boy, my sister and I used to boss around:) Still do. I have to be honest I'm afraid of him getting hurt with all those big guys. My brother is super skinny and I cant stress enough how much my mother is going to go bat crap crazy when she sees him get tackled on the field. There was a "Meet the Greyhounds" night at the stadium last night and I feel terrible that my other sister wasn't there to be here for this moment but we took plenty of pictures and sent them to her. My sister who is attending Texas A&M-Corpus Christi  got a position as an R.A. so she has her hands full, but the girl is getting incentives left and right so don't feel too bad for her. Be ready to see plenty of football pictures on here...but then again I'm from Texas, we take our High school football teams very seriously.

#3 A couple of weeks ago I started doing Yoga. I'm getting better and better with every time I do this workout/stretch. I don't think I'm intermediate yet..I would consider myself still a beginner. I have also started to walk. I used to not workout at all. I would not drink a drop of water. Now everything has changed. I got on the scale one day and really didn't like the number I was looking at so I decided to change things up. I'm hoping that this continues. It's been a month since Ive changed this up a bit and I hope to keep this up because I'm getting older and I cant be living carefree with food. Plus yoga is really fun and relaxing and it does wonders to many things on your body.

#4 Mr. Wonderful bought me a beautiful watch:) I haven't had a watch since I don't know when and I think I say "What time is it?" more than what I would like to admit. I am a planner, so time is everything to me. Don't know why I waited so long to get a watch. I love this watch. There were others but some were too heavy and others look too young adult-ish for me. This watch is well suited for me, and it matches my wedding rings. Which is a huge plus:)
 So that is the start to my has ya'll been going

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