Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Big 26!

I spent most of the day(Monday), making a new design for the blog. When I should have probably been studying for my practice state test on Wednesday. Bad on my part. I just got tired of seeing my design. I think it's been there for awhile and it was time for something new.

 Now if only I can make buttons, we would be in business! I know someone sent me the link so I can get it done but I didn't understand it. I need like a step by step type of thing for me.

This past weekend was Jaime's 26th Birthday. We just had a little small thing for him. Some of my family and some of his. All he wanted was some hotdogs, he's in a weird phase with hotdogs all of a sudden, and some drinks for his special day. He got a ton of clothes and a watch. We fell asleep pretty late and the next day (Saturday) we spent most of the day indoors.

This past weekend was Tax free weekend in Texas and I expected that stores to have more people but Jaime and I decided to get out of the house on Saturday for some shopping, not for back to school items just to shop for miscellaneous items we "needed". I expected to see plenty of people shopping but surprisingly there was not a lot of people at the stores.

Sunday was spent with my family. My little cousin had his 1st birthday. We were the only ones who really went from my mediate family. My other family member like my mom, dad and sibling left my sister in Corpus to move into her apartment. She is now the R.A. and needed to start training on Wednesday so they took her back on Sunday. We had a good time with my other family members and got to mingle with some I had not seen in awhile. I also got to hold some babies!!! I was pretty excited to say the least. My cousin Tabitha has three children under the ages of 5 and her littlest on is 16 months and she is the tiniest thing, seriously she looks 12 months. She's like that because her momma is the tiniest thing too. Oh I was having the best time with that little one. I was also holding the birthday boy for awhile while his momma and dadda took some family pictures. He is such a big boy.

 Some friends of ours are expecting their third baby and to top it off they are expecting a boy! Their first born is a boy and their second was a girl. Im pretty excited to see this little one. Their boy looks exactly like his dad and the girl look identical to the mom. So I would really like to know who this little one is going to look like. I have been looking at baby clothes for awhile, and some playsets or I think they are called playsets.... Don't judge me, I have been out of the game for 4 years.

While I was buying Items for Jaime's birthday party I came across these cute bookmarks! They were in the little dollar section in Target and there were so many. I wanted to take more but since I don't know what grade I'm getting this semester, I didn't want to get too many. Bookmarks are my absolute favorite, especially when you can decorate them yourself

On Sunday I read this book from 7 am-2:30pm and finished it! I had been waiting for this book for months after I read "The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden". I loved the first one so much I could not wait for the second one. I think these books are at the top of the list of "favorite stories". I read some of the reviews of the book and was disappointed when it got low reviews. I mean It has only been out for three weeks and people were already putting it down. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean yes, I admit there were some grammatical errors, but I don't really care too much about it. I just really wanted to know how the story was going to end. I also admit that the ending was kind of rushed but for the most part I loved the story! Would I still have bought it knowing that it was a terrible ending..uh yes, because the story was good.

Pick up a copy. Its less that 4 dollars on the kindle so buy it, it's good. Oh, but first read the first one otherwise, you may be lost.

What books have you read lately, any good ones?

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Erin Marie said...

I posted a few weeks ago about redoing my blog with the link to do your own blog buttons. Its not a step-by-step, but if you need help, let me know, and I'd be glad to help you make yours :)