Sunday, December 22, 2013

What are those presents doing there?

For a couple of weeks I have been hoping that Megan does not find a hint of presents or anything relating to presents around the house because I really want Christmas morning to be magical like my parents did for me. So I have been pretty careful about it or so I thought........

A couple of mornings ago Megan was dressing in our room  where I was looking for some clothes to wear for the day. I have been hiding all presents in our closet. Jaime was looking for something and left the closet door open. While Megan was in our room she got a look at some of the presets that I had hidden in there. I gave Jaime a very interesting look and he went on to explain why they were there. I have no idea what he told Megan, all I thought was holy crap we got caught. She let it go somehow but then another incident happened.

We were in the car and Jaime lent my phone to Megan where I took a picture of one of her presents. All She said was, "did yall get Gigi?". I came up with something and said that I had gotten the picture from the internet. I dont know if she bought it because she was upset that I had not actually bought it. I am afraid though because she will be opening it up on Christmas day. I really hope that she does not put two and two together because she can be pretty smart about these type of things.

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