Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Marshall, the elf, has been up to.

Marshall arrived at our home the day after Thanksgiving. He even brought Megan a little pre-Christmas present for her. He brought her a Monster high movie that she really wanted. Monster high is everywhere, right now she is just really into that. Santa has even brought her some gifts that are of monster high already. I found it hilarious that the other day my sister was doing a RA party called "Everyone can be barbie" sort of a "no matter what you look like you can still be barbie",and she was working on the project at my moms house during the Thanksgiving break. Anways my mom was saying how disgusting Megans's dolls looked because they were monster high dolls and me and my sister were just like "oh so the doll has to be pretty, she needs to have flawless skin". We were just messing around with my mom.

Marshall has been on his best behavior and he has been the sweetest around the house. Unfortunately, Marshall sometimes forget to move to a different place after he gets back from the North Pole, so he is forced to think of something fast. Megan looks forward to seeing him every morning and she makes sure that noone touches him because of his Magic. Its the cutest thing, seeing her face light up every morning is just amazing.

Marshall had snowflakes coming down certain parts of the house and Megan was loving every second of it. Those things were not easy to make and hang up.

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