Saturday, February 14, 2015

We have a house

5 years is what it took to get a house. 5 years!! We are finally here. We closed Tuesday, on Megan's birthday. We are convinced the 10 of February is a lucky day for us:) We didn't officially close until the next day because the seller needed to sign the documents as well and they live out of town.

This has been a very hectic week with all the closing, Megan's birthday, Megan's birthday party, work, and moving. I mean seriously it's been hard. Then to top it off Jaime bought a dog. Which if I'm being really honest, is a nuisance. Sorry but I already have a baby to take care of..don't need another. He takes care of her more that what I do. I won't even get into where he want to put the puppy in our new house.

I wanted to show some pictures of our house. It needs lots of upgrades. I can't wait to buy all the things it needs to make it look nice. I also need to figure our color schemes.

Please keep in mind that no one has lived in this house for over a year. There were spiders and tons of webs everywhere. Deep cleaning is what has been taking place for 4 days.

When you open the front door, this is what you see.(Don't mind my shoe.) This is the living room and behind the half wall is the dining. I don't know why they put carpet where people eat

 This is the kitchen, sorry for the picture this was at night time.

This is the breakfast room, I think that is what they call it.(Check out all my cleaning supplies)

 Do you see those ugly cabinets! Ugh!(That's my brother helping)

 Half bath (need new toilet seat)EEEW!

Pantry. Need to make this pantry pretty.

 Staircase to the second floor.

 What you see to the right when you get to the top of the stairs.

 To the left what you see or should I say when you turn around.

 This is one of the rooms. We have four that look like this.

 The bathroom that will be Megan and Andrew's. I really want to get rid of that tub. It's so gross! And totally out of date.

 This is the entrance to the master bedroom.

This is a small area in the master bedroom. Probably put in a couch and a t.v

 Master bath.Needs to be seriously painted.

 This is one of the closets. I can't tell if this one is bigger than.....

this one...what do ya'll think?

As you can see we have a ton to do. I think we will be in the house officially until Thursday. Fun fun fun!!!