Thursday, May 19, 2011


Becky from Mrs. to Momma started a link up.
Just things during the week that make you think" SERIOUSLY!?"


Seriously?!.......Its going to be June in two weeks!Theses month are just flying by!!!!
I'll get to be with my husband again soon.

Seriously?!.......I spent 5 hours studing for my algebra exam for next week and I actually know how to do most of the work. which is shocking because If you really knew me you'd know that I am terrified of Algebra.

Seriously!.......My husband had not called in awhile and I finally heard from him yesterday it was so amazing hearing his voice! ♥

Seriously?!......I am surrounded my a bunch of guys in my classroom and OH MY GOD they smell gross, they really need to know what deodorant is. I seriously hate that class!

Seriously?! daughter is one smart cookie, and to make matters worse she out smarted me already.Lame on my part and Genius on hers:)

Seriously?!.......I am loving scentsy,I cannot get enough of it!I have to order more bars because Im running low on a specific bar that I absolutely LOVE!

Seriously?!....Why the heck does music have to be so expensive! I seriously dislike that Limewire is off.Grrr


Holly Marie said...

I LOVE scentsy too! :)

and I completely agree with the music thing!

Summer said...

Cute blog and such a presh littl girl you have! Yay that you got to talk to your hubs, lol about your little one outsmarting you mine does me all the time LOL....I love Scentsy, my bestie got me one for Christmas and I love how it smells up your whole house and you can leave it on all day and don't have to worry about it! I am into the cinnamon vanilla and apple pie right now! WHich one is your fav at the moment?


Mrs. Mama said...

Yay for being with your hubby soon!
Scentsy is awesome... i'm actually sponsoring a scentsy woman next month!
Music is WAY too expensive. We were spoiled with limewire!

thanks for playing! :)

Courtney said...

Holy cow, I can't believe it's almost June either. Where did spring go?!

La Cabrona said...

lol ur so funny... excited for u and ur hubby to reunite!! lol have u tried mp3 rockets ?? its fRRREEE