Monday, April 19, 2010

Corpus Chrisit (Mini-Vacation)

So we left on Friday about 5:00 and It was pouring rain, I mean it was really bad I could not see anything at all. I was pretty panicky and with every accident I saw on the road, it was getting me even more nervous. I was teling Jaime that maybe this was a bad idea to leave today but we had reservation and we paid quite a bit of money for our three night at the hotel. So we got throught that,megan was asleep for most of the time. I didnt want for Jaime to drive bc the last time he drove to Corpus his leg was hurting ALOT and he just endured it and I didnt want him to do that again.

When we got there it was already night time and so we decided that we want to drink a few drinks so we went to the grocery store to buy some snacks and some drinks so we can go back to the hotel and just relax and in the morning we will wake up in the morning and sight see. The next day we went to the Texas State Aquarium and it was really awesome, Megan enjoyed it very much. Then again she loves the animals, or any living thing lol. So we did that and then we left to Cole park it a beautiful park I love it, it's made of wood and I dont see alot of those down where we live. There was a festival it was call "Earth day" which was all about recycling. It was pretty fun for the little kids. Lets see what else did we do...oh yes of course I cant forget the mall lol There is not a gymbore here where we live and if we do want to go buy stuff there it's like a 30 minute drive. So we got some stuff there and then we left bc I was so tired,my feet were tired.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day lol we went to the pool but little Miss Sunshine didnt think it was awesome to get in cold water but then again I would not blame here the water was super cold. Oh and I have to say this most of the people there are VERY rude. Jaime said that most of the people we met that were there were rude and some guy even dropped the F bomb, I dont know if he told us but we were very close to him so we were assuming he was telling us but then again we dont know for sure. Jaime wants to more over there but uh no thank you would rather stay here. So later on in the day we called Jaime's family and we met with them to eat, get this, Japanese food. I know, right? Me, eat Japanese but yeah that is what we ate it was not the best food I have ever eaten though,Ive had better it's called Mexican Food!!lol But I did eat it and megan was also eating it too. It was pretty late maybe 9 and we didnt want to go back to the hotel yet so we went to Portland which is on an Island I would say. It's a small town and we went to scope it out bc if we were to move anywhere near corpus it would be there. So yeah it was pretty cool. I would like to live there it's alot of retired people and what not very quiet, something I need.

More to come:)

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