Thursday, April 1, 2010


Megan and her daddy are soo close it makes me feel jealous, Dont get me wrong I love that they are so close, but mommy wants hugs too!. When she cries she wants her daddy and if daddy is not around she will settle for her mommy. I love to watch her and her daddy talk and laugh and she loves it when he tickles her, she is just like her daddy you dont even have to tickle just your hand getting near her belly will make her giggle already:) The one thing I Love is that I was never known as the "The funny one" and to megan that is just who I am. The one thing that mommy can do is make her laugh!!! I dont mean a giggle I mean laugh. I can do the oddest things and she will laugh up a storm! Like the other day we were playing with a balloon (btw she hates balloons) and I was playing with her,kind of like pickaboo, wow she was laughing like crazy! But when her daddy came and he tried to make her laugh,no luck. I felt bad but I love that, that is my specialty with her. She is so down to earth just like her dad. I cant beleive that some people would hurt their babies, I dont know what I would do to the person who ever hurted my baby girl. A mothers love is a powerful things, why would anyone want to mess with her babies. BUM BUM BUUUMMMM

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