Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outside the "box"

At the Aquarium there were stingrays that you can touch well I told Jaime that I dont think I want to stick my hand in that thing and later on as I was thinking about it, I dont want to be chicken so I said "Screw it","Jaime if I touch one of the stingrays will you do it too?". He said "yes". (I'm sure he was thinking I would not)So I stuck my hand in the water and I felt it, it was very squishy:) It was Jaimes turn and it was the funniest things ever. He was soooooo scared! It was so funny,he said he was scared because thats how steve Erwin died, I doubt if these things were that bad they would not let kids touch them. I'll never forget how I was a little more braver than him. Thats probably the first and the last lol.

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