Monday, May 31, 2010

Megan Is walking!!!

I was in the kitchen finishing my scrapbook. It was awesome I love my scrapbook I'm proably not any good at it but whatever I like putting little stickers and doing what not. Anyways on to Megan, it was the best thing ever! I thought I would never see the day when Megan would start walking! Im so happy. So anyways I was doing my scrapbook I have no idea what made me turn around but I saw her take that first step then I yelled out for Jaime, I was like "Jaime she's walking!" He comes running lol and she is just walking away and we are just clapping, Im all getting emotional and started to cry and oh my god. Im just so happy that my baby girl is walking, and that she didnt need the physical therapy after all. Then again I knew she could do it all along she just needed to build that confidence in herself.:)ok that was the best news on to other news.

Jaime will be leaving very soon for A.T. and I am for sure going to miss him like crazy! These past couple of days and of course memorial day made me realize that I have very little time with him before he goes active and he will be gone for a year:(
I had to say a prayer last night for him and for all the men that are serving our country and all others that will be going in the future.

Till next time....

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