Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy moment:)

Last night I was making a cake which didnt turn out so well I might add,
I think Im loosing my touch lol. Anyways Megan now talks a WHOLE lot I mean seriously this girl will talk and talk and talk(she's like her momma). I wish I knew what she was saying, but wow well anways I was talking to her yesterday about random stuff, and I told her I love you and to my surprise she said "I love you too." Oh my god. My baby girl loves me! ♥ I thought she would have told her dadda first but nope it was me:)

Im really thrilled at the person she is becoming she reminds me of me. She is the type of baby that is Not a risk-taker,she is very giving, she talks alot, she is very clean,somtimes really serious, and she makes the cutest puppy dog face when we get mad at her, and then she makes us feel bad for even getting upset with And then we take it back and hug her,lol. She has us wrapped around her little finger and she knows it already:)

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