Friday, June 11, 2010


I was just remembering when I was dating Jaime and we would talk about dumb stuff, I was still in high school at the time and I didnt see him much often bc well I didnt know him very good so I would not drive to his house, which I should have. Anyways I rember when he was gone to oklahoma and he was there for awhile and he was talking about MREs and I was like "what the heck is that" So he starts to explain to me what they are and Im like "oh ok astronaut food." I remember him laughing, he still laughs when I say that. He's gone right now and he is using lingo that I have no idea what they are bc well Im not used to all this military talk since he is reservist. So im looking up all this words definitions for the marines on a website. I think it's the same website I went to 3 years ago:) Im looking at the usmc gals wall on Facebook and I cant help but feel so bad for the girls who's marine's are out there. I'm scared to feel that way again. I felt it once and it was horrible, I feel like I can remember almost everyday that went by hoping and praying he would call.
*sighs* Gosh....I miss him........

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