Monday, June 14, 2010

Not enough pictures

Ok so Im taking an oath that Im going to take more picture of Me and Jaime now. Last time I went through deployment I didnt have alot of picture of us and that was dumb but this time I have learned my lesson and Im going to take more pictures of Him and I before he has to leave. I know that Im always going to feel like I never have enough pictures, but this is what Im going to do.

oh yes and We have decided Jaime is going to be making video's for Megan while daddy is gone. Probably to a video every two weeks. So he will most likely be making about 40-some videos of him talking to Megan. Maybe He might throw me a video somewhere in there.

In a previous post, I had written that last time Jaime was deployed I took It very hard and was not myself most of the time, and I said that I'm assuming it was going to be easier now that Megan is here to keep me company when Jaime is gone. I could not have been more WRONG. I miss him alot more, not only for me but for Megan. Megan and Jaime are REALLY REALLY close I know that I don't think I can replace him when he is away. My biggest fear is that she is going to forget him, it hurts my heart just thinking about it. I was very wrong it's not's harder and hurts alot more now.

on a happy note: Jaime will be here soon in the coming days:)

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