Friday, June 18, 2010

Short scary story

So I went to the Island yesterday got a huge kiss by the sun and it is not pleasant. Anyways I was getting into the water b/c holy moly I was hot and I needed to cool off, So I took my wedding rings off and put them in the camera bag, so the day went on we ate took megan into the water which she didnt want to in the first place but when she did go in she threw a fit bc she didnt want to get out. So we were packing everything and I looked at my camera bag and holy moly my rings were Gone. My Heart fell! I wanted to cry so bad and I was panicing, I was looking and looking for it on the sand. Maybe the worst Ive felt about anything lately, luckly my sister found my rings after a couple of seconds later, I think I thanked her like a million times. It was horrible Im never going to take my rings to the beach! Lesson learned.


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