Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tropical Storm Alex

Oh no another storm. This is megans second storm. First was Hurricane Dolly when Megan was in the Belly now its this one. Oh lord please help us. Pretty scared, it should be here maybe tommorrow I think we got everything, I got a bunch of water,6 sandbags, batteries, 5 flashlights, 6 candles, we were going to get a generator but it was too late. I think we are going to be ok the only thing that bothers me is the tree in front of our house and the huge rocks on the side of our house, my dad is buliding a pond and there are a thousand n' one rocks out there, So im really not sure where they are going to put those. Last time on dolly our light stayed on almost through the whole entire thing it was until my mom said "wow our light have not gone out yet", BAM!!! 5 seconds later our light turns off!! We had our grandpa at the time and he needed his air condition so everyone was looking for something to give him air it was the hardest ever. Aww and I remember when he was demanding to see grandma(his wife),the sweetest thing ever! Last time when a hurricane hit I had no idea there was even a hurricane approaching it was until like a day before it hit that I was aware, it was until a co-worker told me it was going to hit I was like "huh??" So funny. Anyways wish me luck guys. Hope everyone comes out safe from this storm. God bless.


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