Saturday, June 5, 2010


My symptoms have finally gone away it's been a cuople of days now.Yay for me:)I was so worried for myself and now I'm going to take very good care of myself. I now take a daily walk all the time at 5:00 and walk for 15 minutes it's not alot but it's enough to keep me active. It's a good thing for me and it's good for Megan b/c she loves going outside, the only thing is that it's Texas and it's summer so it's about99 degrees outside, or at least thats how it feels like:) I also started eating some cereals that are expensive but really healthy, why is America trying to stuff us with cheap but bad food for us I'll never know.

On to Megan, she is walking and I have to say she bumps into alot of things now that she is walking or I should say she falls alot. She hits her head alot and Im so on the verge of getting her a helmet to wear,Im so afraid her skulls is going to crack b/c she is always falling.She understands the difference between "No" and "yeah". It's so funny now. When I asks her if she wants something she'll be like "yeah". If I ask her if she wants something like "papa(food)" and she does not want any she will just stay quiet. Oh and oh my god she can sing along to the ABC's, she does know the abc's but she sings in her baby talk-ish. I wish I could record her,b/c she sings up a storm ALL THE TIME! She is most likley going to be in Choir or Glee lol:)

Jaime is now In A.T and will be there for awhile, we are making a huge decision and we keep going back and forth and that is..the house. We want one and we could get one now...but it always comes down to Im going to be alone and this is the experience we want together and he does not want to just live in the house with us for three months, he wants to stay there for a good while and thats not going to happen. So it's all up in the air.....We are just soooo uncertain about it. Whats the use of getting the house if we are not going to live together,I dont know but it kind of sounds dumb. Anyways thats whats going on with us

oh yes and megan has three molars coming out all at Lovely is that :)♥

Till Next time......

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