Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It was 3rd year anniversary and I was so excited! I dont know why Im always super lovey dovey with Jaime when Its our anniversary. For me it's a time to remember the day we got married. It was the perfect day to get married that day, the sun was shinning perfectly and he looked so handsome I was more that sure I wanted to be with him forever. *Insert 'today was a fairytale song"*:)

So for this year anniversary I wanted to do something non-traditional and get tattoos, we were gonna be young and crazy and get each others initials. We arrived at the tattoo parlor and there was only one guy working and he already had someone and well the owner told us to come back in an hour and we were like ok. So left came back later and then He told us it was going to be another hour, so Jaime and I took that as a sign as myabe this year is not the year we are not suppose to do this. So we are gonna try next year. I want to get it on our anniversary, Idk I think It was mean even more if I do it on this day:) But we did find a wine we both liked so I will be in our wine cellar when we get one lol.

Have a great Wednesday
♥ Diana

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