Friday, August 20, 2010

Firday Five

Just Me and My Life

This weeks Friday 5s is things abour your dream house.

It certainly has to be country style, Ive always wanted to live out in the country. Of course I would probably have to have like a shotgun or somthing b/c no one woul be ablt to hear me yell if I was in danger. But anyways I would Love a country house.:)

I need my space when It comes to doing laundry. I need to be able to move around.

AHHH the closet, of course this is in here, One of the many best friends of a girl. I really want a closet like this, No wait I will have a closet like this one

I know I added one more picture lol, but wow doesnt this look amazing:)


Alex said...

im loving your dream house! especially that closet

Nicole said...

Loveee the bedroom!

Syndal said...

Stopping by from Friday Fives! LOVE the closet!!

A Marine's Wife! said...

Love the closet!

Valene Marie said...

That is my kind of bedroom! I would paint the walls a different color and it would be my dream =) Love the photos!

Beth McC. said...

Im loving your picks! That Green Room has my name all over it!!

Love it! THanks for doing the Fives!