Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secret life/ Family day/UFC

Last night was fun, Jaime and I hardly ever stay out at night late b/c of Megan and her sleeping habit. We went shopping for awhile during the day, then went to the park for a little while and then ended up going home to hopefully play a board game that we just got like three weeks ago and haven't had time to play it yet, But Jaime got a text that his friend Oscar was getting the UFC fight for tonight. So I was like hey we hardly ever see a fight and Jaime had not seen his friend in like forever so yeah. It was pretty fun.

This weekend is Family day:/ It's not that I don't like family day it's just that they are soooooo boring. You would think it's called family day so you can spend quality time with your family doing family stuff but thats not the case this time. It's up in the air if I'm gonna go, I would like more information about deployment but Jaime said we will have a meeting with all the families about it right before he leaves so I guess. If it's here in the Valley then I'm going but if not then nope. Jaime says I don't have to go, so I don't know yet we will see what they said about it later on in the week.

OH MY GOD. Im super excited about The Secret Life of the American Teenager!! I always thought it was stupid for Amy and Ricky together just b/c they have a child together but every since they aired that preview that he goes all the way to New York to go see her, it's like OMG!! Cant wait to see it.

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