Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toy story

Megan was at one point so in love with Shrek, she could watch it all ddaayy lloonngg. Well I decided to buy her toy story about two or three weeks ago just because, and she fell in love with it. She has a new favorite now, it's so awesome. Anyways today we went to walmart to get some things she needed for her Daycare that she will going to b/c mommy decided she needed to go to school. Thats a different blog anyways, we were at walmart and we went to the toy section and we saw a bunch of Toy story stuff all we heard was "toy toy"!"toy toy"!"toy toy"! Which is her way of saying TOY STORY, she's adorable I know. So Jaime brings Rex next to her, Holy cow she was screaming her head off she kept pushing the toy away. I guess she likes the movie but thats all! Jaime kept pushing her buttons and mommy had to come to the rescue b/c for some weird reason Jaime likes to hear Megan cry,Idk weird. So then we went to the Movie section and I brought out the Toy Story 2 movie and she wanted it and she was hugging it. oh child of mine, I will never understand her at this age.
So we bought her Toy Story 2. She doesnt seem to like it as much as the First Part but I guess thats her opinion if it's good or not.

I also took some pictures of her outside yesterday.

It's almost Friday..YAY!! Till next time:)

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