Saturday, September 4, 2010

First week of school

Finally the week is Over! School has been awesome this whole week, I have to say I missed school soooo much and Im happy Im finally back. I did miss waking up at 8 though, now I wake up at 6:30 leave my house at 7:15 get to school at 7:30 then talk to Alex for awhile before going into class.

I really do love my classes even my mean teacher That I have for History. Im sorry to everyone that is like ugh she's talking about school again...Im really sorry I really missed school, I felt like such a loser not going to school(not saying that anyone who doesnt go to school is a loser) I just always felt like I could be doing something with my life. I think Im going above and beyond this time around for school, I sleep till 12:00 midnight just so I can be a chapter ahead of my classes.

Three years ago or two years ago when I was going to College I was seriously slacking, like I couldn't care less and I was not pushing me myself like I Should have been. So like I said I missed school and will NOT take it for granted the second time around. This time I have someone to push me everyday! My baby girl is the only reason I am going to school, I need to give her a great life, If she wants to go to a college that is across the country I need something that is going to get her there without any worry of money, I might not make alot of money but that is where her college fund comes in and her daddy recently got his degree so I think she is going to be well off.

Anyways Im getting emotional again...SO I had another speech:) This time it was a group thing. ok our teacher divided us into groups and there was about 5 groups and one group would say a topic and the next group one person for the next group will have to talk about that topic for next minute,0h and we cant say "um","and","you know". The person who said that least of those words got extra 5 bonus points for the class. So there were a couple of people that had some really goood speeches. This guy got the topic make-up, lol that was so funny, he has no idea what to say, there was so really good topics like Pizza, Movies(I made that one),plants,make-up,and the one I got, Global Warming!!!

So it was our groups turn to go up and I said I would go up and so then the group that went before my group said the topic "Global Warming"...I was like "wow,seriously guys"lol. So I went to the podium and I was like "ok Im going to be honest I have no idea what Global Warming is except that the ice caps are melting and that we need to take care of our earth, o and that Al gore made a documentary about Global warming....yeah I now wish I had seen that documentary.(Everyone laughed), oh and that apparently we all have to learn how to swim b/c very soon swimming isn't going to optional,ok sorry Im shaking Im super nervous". So they said time and My teacher was like "wow that was really good I could not even tell you were shaking" I was like really "ok thanks cool". A couple of people were like you didnt even talk like you were nervous, I was like really I had no idea what I was talking about and I felt like my words were slurring lol. It was so awesome!

I had my first quiz today and I got an 85.5 I am going to try and get a better grade but we will see how that goes I'll probably do it on Tuesday. But for now I have a 4 day weekend, I think Im going to take Megan to McDonalds for that morning because we both have the day off lol:)

Hope Everyone is having a great Saturday for far:)

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